Drum, Bass und a vintage crunch guitar lift this ship off the ground. The power trio around singer and guitarist Roger Barrach pay homage to the riff, in the idiom of Hendrix, Zeppelin and The Police. A wailing lead guitar contrasts the 80´s like playful- and coolness of the melodies. In progressive Songs like “Blink Of An Eye”, the trio takes a walk into open Space. In a collective improvisation a single riff ties to the mother ship like an umbilical cord.  TAKE OFF TO NOVA is restless, yearning for Utopia.  Are you ready for take off?

Roger Barrach (Guitar & Vocals)

Roger lives and works in Cologne as a teacher, composer and live guitarist for various Bands and Artists. Born in 1975 in Ingolstadt (Germany), he began playing the piano at the age of five. Due to his father’s job, the family had to move now and then, living in Yuma, Arizona (USA) and Paris among other. In retrospect, he sees this time as being very formative.

As a teenager Roger discovered his passion for the electric guitar und started played in local Bands. After high school he moved to Cologne to study music and become a high school teacher. He drops out of collage half way through though, wanting to focus more on his own original music and play professionally. To round off his studies, he left Cologne for an intermezzo at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

In 2008 Roger founded TAKE OFF TO NOVA and recorded the self titled debut album. With his Band he wants to fuse all his influences and realize his artistic vision without compromising

André Philippi (Drums)

Next to being a live drummer in gala and top 40 bands, André is a passionate teacher. In the mid eighties, it was above all Peter Gabriel and The Police who made him pick up the sticks. After graduating from high school, André left his hometown Duisburg (Germany) and moved to Cologne to study music. There he learned his trade in various big bands, jazz and world music ensembles.

When he´s not sitting at the drumkit perfecting his craft, he spends time practicing accordion and vibraphone, wich he also uses for composing.   

Loveproof // TAKE OFF TO NOVA - Various Other
  1. Loveproof // TAKE OFF TO NOVA - Various Other
  2. Cut Loose // TAKE OFF TO NOVA - Various Other