The first release of the upcoming album accompanies me for quite some time. The Song was originally a beatlesk pop-tune, the main Riff being played on piano. Earlier versions of the lyrics turned out unsatisfactory, it was a challenge to find words which fit the mood of the tune, the main riff having the temper of a bird. The final story is my take on a classic song theme, we have to get out of the same old rut to follow our dreams. It plays with the spread-your-wings-and-fly metaphor but with a twist. With freedom comes risk of failure, often resulting in wounds to our ego. Playing it safe seems always easier. In our shell we are sheltered from the hazards of a rough world. If we dare, we will probably have more failures than victories, but I´m convinced those are worth the pain. Failure is natural, regret is foolish.

Director Jesse Bücken and camera man Moritz Lehmaus (from LehmhausBücken) made a great music video for the song, successfully capturing the ambiguity of the story. I´m thankful to GEMA for providing the funds as part of the grant program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Roger Barrach, Cologne, January 2023