In their newest Album “The Nature Of Things”, TAKE OFF TO NOVA build upon the timeless foundation of classic rock riffs, expanding their sound with elements of jazz, pop, and progressive music. Lead vocalist and guitarist Roger Barrach takes the helm, addressing themes of female empowerment (“Racer”), political commentary (“Mind Bomb”), and the inner battles against one’s own demons (“Gust Of Wind”, “Neon Light Faeries”) through his poignant lyrics.

‘Pharos’ tells the story of a man who sets out for a long journey, then settles down to build a home. It is a parable about a lifelong search for moral clarity. We must constantly question our convictions in order to strengthen them; they are our sword and shield. Our values are our tower, the beacon in the night, but also a thorn in the flesh of those who oppose us.

The zeitgeist shapes the music and at the same time, music inspires deeds that can change the world. Every generation has its soundtrack. Songs become anthems carrying the spirit of the time. Singers and songwriters give voice to the streets. A song becomes a manifesto, the pen a sword. Music is empowerment! Before your voice falters, join the choir, it’s the loudest roar. To understand the thoughts and emotions of bygone eras, one need only listen to the songs of that time. In a world in turmoil, as long as the music plays, we are all right.

The Game is a soulful, jazzy ballad about the lifespan of a love relationship, the inherent naivety of the beginning, and the gradual drifting apart over time. One person moves on while the other remains caught up in the playfulness of the game.

The inspiration for Racer came while reading an article about Iranian female race car drivers. They describe their anger towards the system and the constant struggle against patronization. Their stories revolve around the self-weakening of their country, as women are prevented from fulfilling their potential. You need two legs to go far, two hands to hold on and two shoulders to carry it all.
The first release of the upcoming album accompanies me for quite some time. The Song was originally a beatlesk pop-tune, the main Riff being played on piano. Earlier versions of the lyrics turned out unsatisfactory, it was a challenge to find words which fit the mood of the tune, the main riff having the temper of a bird. The final story is my take on a classic song theme, we have to get out of the same old rut to follow our dreams. It plays with the spread-your-wings-and-fly metaphor but with a twist. With freedom comes risk of failure, often resulting in wounds to our ego. Playing it safe seems always easier. In our shell we are sheltered from the hazards of a rough world. If we dare, we will probably have more failures than victories, but I´m convinced those are worth the pain. Failure is natural, regret is foolish.

Director Jesse Bücken and camera man Moritz Lehmaus (from LehmhausBücken) made a great music video for the song, successfully capturing the ambiguity of the story. I´m thankful to GEMA for providing the funds as part of the grant program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Roger Barrach, Cologne, January 2023