to2n About

Drums, bass and a vintage crunch guitar lift this ship off the ground. At the core of TAKE OFF TO NOVA‘s sound and implemented live is the trio formation. In the studio the band expands and embellishes around rhythm section and guitar. Live, the line-up naturally leaves space, giving the musicians the opportunity to play out. TAKE OFF TO NOVA stand in the tradition of the so-called power trios of the 1960s, like Jimi Hendrix’s Experience, Band Of Gypsys, Cream as well as the later Rush and The Police. The band celebrates the idiom, but never aims at writing typical genre-songs. TAKE OFF TO NOVA‘s music has many facets. Guitar riffs stand in contrast to pop melodies with an inherent eighties playfulness and coolness. While rock can easily grow stiff with power, the band’s music stays light-footed. TAKE OFF TO NOVA are restless, yearning for Utopia. Are you ready for take-off?